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To continue to serve families receiving assistance, Kid's Kountry Learning Center chooses to participate at a two star level regarding Wisconsin's YoungStar program. Our center's fundamentals in addition to guiding principals in which our overall early childhood philosophy is build on does not always correlate with YoungStar's assessment of "quality" care. We respect differing view points yet strongly believe in our overall mission and program beliefs. 

Our Approach

YoungStar's Approach

The state of Wisconsin implemented a program called YoungStar which rates or assesses childcare programs throughout the state. The rating system ranges from a 1 to 5 star classification tier. These ratings are chosen after a childcare program has been assessed in regards to a pre-determined criteria that has been established as well as created via YoungStar representatives. In order for a childcare center or preschool setting to receive higher reimbursement for families who receive state childcare assistance a center must qualify within the higher tier star rating. Thus, the higher the star rating a center receives the higher reimbursement amount they are allotted for families who receive assistance towards childcare tuition. 

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